Recent Events

Pastors for Peace July 4, 2009 Cuba Solidarity
Kicking off the start of one leg of the Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba. This year there are over 130 Caravan participants travelling on 14 different routes and stopping in 140 cities
May 23, 2009 Spring Concert
This year the Bananas performed a number of new songs, including a set targeting the people and companies most responsible for the current financial situation, not least aimed at the leadership provided by the financial wizards in the USA. Some pieces featured words sung to old TV jingles and commercials. Another set featured tunes from the famous 1930s Broadway hit play, Pins and Needles. Pins and Needles looked at the events of the Depression from a pro-worker and union standpoint.
The choir sings Chain Store Daisy
Freinds of Medicare Rally May 2, 2009 Supporting Public Health Care
Singing at the Friends of Medicare rally in support of public healthcare at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton
May 1, 2009 May Day!
The choir was accompanied on the May Day march this year by a brass band and later that night did a set at the Utah Phillips Tribute.
May Day March
May Day March September 2008 Edmonton Choir Festival
Notre Dame des Bananes attended an event at city hall to introduce Edmontonians to the various choirs in the city.