Over twenty years ago, in a Garneau area co-op house named Banana Manor, a rag-tag group of music enthusiasts gathered to perform songs of the festive season and to solicit libation and figgy pudding.

Taking their name from the de-consecrated statue of the Virgin Mary who graced their entry way, the Notre Dame des Bananes Choir was born.

Motivated more by leftist politics (and a thirst for libation and figgy pudding) than religion, the group decided to operate year round practicing a repertoire of social justice and labour music. In 1996, the Bananas recorded their first CD, Ripe for Revolution, which has been heard on such discerning radio stations as CBC, CKUA and CJSR.

Over the years the choir has performed on picket lines, at protest marches and concerts. We have been lucky to share the stage with folks like Bruce Coburn, and more recently, Maria Dunn.