Would you like to join us?

We welcome new members. If you live in the Edmonton area, are comfortable singing political music, we'd like to hear from you. For more information email info@NotreDameDesBananes.ca

We like to share...

Are you a member of a similar choir? ...or would you like to start one?

We would like to hear from other similar choirs. It is always a problem developing material and perhaps we could exchange songs, arrangements, learning materials and the like. Our choir places no preconditions on the musical abilities of the singers, and so we've developed some practice music files for those who don't read music, or do read music, but don't sight-sing. files consist of a single part playing on one stereo channel and the other parts playing on the other. These song files are not terribly musical -- they don't attempt to teach expressive aspects of the song -- but they can be useful for learning the notes and practicing part singing. Sound files (mp3 and ogg) are available. We can email them to you if they could be of use to you, otherwise we could arrange to send you a CD of the files. Again: for more information email us: info@NotreDameDesBananes.ca