Our CDs

If you are interested in obtaining a CD from the choir please email info@NotreDameDesBananes.ca

Ripe for Revolution CD Ripe for Revolution
  1. We Shall Not Give Up The Fight
  2. Solidarity Forever
  3. Nkosi Sikelel'i Africa
  4. Bread and Roses
  5. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
  6. Resolution
  7. Ella's Song
  8. Hymn for Nations
  9. The Diggers Song
  10. Springhill Disaster
  11. The Carmagnole (Ca Ira)
  12. The Edmonton Hunger March
  13. The International
  14. Peat Bog Soldiers
  15. Gloucestershire Wassail
  16. We Shall Not Give Up The Fight
Left Side Story
  1. Keep on Walking Forward
  2. We Shall Not Be Moved
  3. I Wish I Knew How
  4. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
  5. Corporate Jungle
  6. Premier's Song
  7. Sing Me a Song of Social Significance
  8. More Than a Pay Check
  9. Pollution
  10. Joe Hill
  11. Wilma Brown
  12. Brother Can You Spare a Dime
  13. Going Down tha Lonesome Road
  14. Doin' the Reactionary
  15. La Marseillaise
  16. Down by the Riverside
  17. Bandiera Rosa
  18. Oh Freedom
  19. We'll All Go Together
The choir sings Chain Store Daisy